• 20190815 Goseong Unification Observatory in Gangwon Province
      From Jeju to the Peace Road event held at Seoul Station Plaza, it suffered the best heat wave, but on the contrary, the Goseong event in Gangwon Province on August 15 was held amid heavy rain due to the typhoon. The World Order Group arrived at the Unification Observatory..
  • 20190814 Imjingak , Seoul
     The Pisrod World Racing Team, which started simultaneously in Busan and Mokpo, held a grand event at Seoul Station Plaza. With 700 university students and foreign participants attending the event as the final destination, the festival was held at a global level, meaning the event. L..
  • 20190813 Incheon
      The Incheon Metropolitan City Peace Road was held at 2 p.m. in Incheon City Hall''s conference room, with 300 people attending, including Incheon City Council Vice President Ahn Byung-bae, Incheon Metropolitan City Vice Mayor Huh Jong-sik, Incheon City Council P..