아프리카 세네갈 피스로드 대행진이 가정연합, 여성연합, 청년연합, CARP 멤버 및 평화대사 총 110여 명이 참석한 가운데 6월 15일에 개최되었다. Yonent MameIbrahima 학교의 교사와 학생들도 함께 참여하였다. 참석자들은 세네갈 가정연합 본부에서부터 Tivaoune Pheulh 시장 사무실까지 약 한 시간을 행진하였다.


AmbroiseDiagne 세네갈 가정연합 회장과 Theodore Bindia 가정연합 부회장, Robert Diarra, Cecil Sagna 여성연합 회장단 및 임원들이 행진의 선두에 앞장섰다. Aboubackry Ba 제 1부시장과 IbrahimaNdoye 제 2부시장은 피스로드의 성공적인 개최를 축하하며 2017년 피스로드 행진에도 적극적으로 협조할 것을 약속하였다.


한편 참석한 학생들 일부는 라마단 금식기간 중 금식을 하면서도 피스로드의 성공과 평화를 기원하는 노래를 부르며 행진에 끝까지 참여해 감동을 주었다.



The Peace Road March, Senegal took place at about 11 a. m. on June 15th, 2016 with about 110 participants from FFWPU members, representatives of UPF, WFWP, CARP and YFWP. Teachers and students of YonentMameIbrahima School also participated in the said march. Everyone gathered at the construction site of FFWPU-HQ, Senegal to start the march, then walked for about an hour until the mayor’s office of TivaounePheulh where the 2 vice mayors received the delegates and signed the Peace Road banner. Amidst the heat of the sun, the school children were singing songs expressing their hopes and love for Senegal as a country of unity, peace and prosperity which is the very theme of the Peace Road March 2016 Senegal.


Most of the bigger children were also fasting because of the Ramadan but they were happy singing songs and they persevered until the end of the march. The delegates headed by Mr. AmbroiseDiagne, FFWPU president, Mr. Theodore Bindia, FFWPU Vice-president, Mr. Robert Diarra, Ms. Cecil Sagna, WFWP President and other delegates met with the vice mayors to hand the banner and to explain further the significance of the march. The 1st Vice-mayor, Mr. Aboubackry Ba and the 2nd Vice-mayor, Mr. IbrahimaNdoye were delighted to receive us and expressed their desire to give more support to our march next year. They’re also happy to know that our FFWPU Headquarters is located within their locality. The march concluded with a group photo in front of the new Mayor’s building of TivaounePheulh, Dakar, Senegal.




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