레소토에서는 경찰의 허가를 기다린 끝에 8월 22일 피스로드 행사를 진행하게 되었다. 교회내에서 진행하라는 경찰의 권고를 받아 “크리스티나 수녀회”(Mother Christina Apostolic Mission Church)”와 협조하여 피스로드 행사를 치를 수 있었다. 수녀회 관계자들의 환대와 적극적인 협조 가운데 152명이 피스로드 행사에 참여하게 되었으며 그 중 자전거 종주자로 15명이 동참했다.
참석자들은 마세루(Maseru)에서 Roma(로마)까지 “레소토 통일하라”(Lesotho Unite)라는 주제로 행진하였고 마지막에 폐회식을 가졌다. 피스로드 행사에는 아치발드 레사오(Archibald Lesao)전 부총리를 포함한 4명의 평화대사도 동참했다.
아치발드 전 부총리는 인간의 삶이 평화의 길이라고 하면서, 국제평화고속도로 프로젝트가 문선명 총재의 세계평화 비전으로부터 시작된 것이며 이에 영감을 받아 피스로드 2015 프로젝트도 하게 된 것이라고 설명했다. 이어 “문선명 총재님께서는 생애 동안 배링해협 프로젝트와 같은 다양한 프로젝트를 통해서 세계를 잇는 거대한 평화 비전과 인류의 복귀를 위한 일들을 하셨다”고 전했다.
레소토는 현재 정부가 불안한 상태이기에, “레소토 통일”라는 주제로 피스로드를 진행하였다.
레소토 UPF는 이번 피스로드를 통해 크리스티나 수도회 꾸준히 협력해 나가기로 했다.


In Lesotho the police denied us a permit to hold Peace Road for security reasons despite our having Maseru City Council permission, but advised us to hold the Peace Road at our own church. We do not yet have our own church, so we started to look for a church where we could hold Peace Road. We went to the Mother Christina Apostolic Mission Church, where we were received very well. They said they were expecting us and were told that men of peace were coming to the church and to treat them well.

Since that time we have established a very good relationship with this church. We are working together in many ways. We held Peace Road at their church for 152 people. 15 cyclists cycled from Maseru to Roma with the sub-theme “Lesotho Unite.” Everything went very well although it was on a small level.

A former deputy prime minister, Archibald Lesao Lehohla, spoke about Peace Road. He said that the life of a human being is a Peace Road. He went on to say that the international peace highway project is a project very dear to the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Rev. Moon’s vision for world peace through the international peace highway inspired Peace Road 2015.

He added that the barriers between nations, religions, races, and cultures are all man-made; there can be no boundaries in the world originally created by God. Mr. Lehohla emphasized Rev. Moon’s grand vision of world peace connecting the world through the Bering Strait and that throughout his, life Rev. Sun Myung Moon carried out his work for world peace and the restoration of humanity through different projects and programs.  Lesotho currently is faced with many challenges, one of them being political instability. Peace road is aimed toward a world of peace. In Lesotho, we cycled under the sub-theme “Lesotho Unite,” which gave us the opportunity to reaffirm our unity as a nation.

Even though the police did not give us a permit Mr. Lesao Lehohla come to give a speech as originally arranged and four Ambassadors for Peace participated. We have won the hearts of the members of this church and intend to continue working with them.


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