8월 14일 키리바시에서 피스로드를 위해 키리바시의 아노테 통(Anote Tong)대통령을 만나 피스로드의 중요성을 설명하였다. 설명이 있은 후 아노테 대통령은 피스로드 현수막과 세가지 색이 다른 피스로드 티, 축구공에 사인을 하며 문선명 총재의 비전을 중심으로 한 남한과 북한의 평화로운 통일을 기원하였다. 해양자원개발 장관이자 평화대사인 티니안(Tinian Reiher)과 사업자원부 장관 핀토(Pinto Katia)도 현수막에 사인하며 평화와 사랑의 메시지를 남겼다.

다음날 8월 15일에는 키리바시의 피스로드를 대표하여 파카오프(Fakaofo K Sione)가 키리바시 국제공항에서 국립경기장까지 40km를 자전거로 종주하였다.

그는 키리바시 천주평화연합의 토마시우타(Thomasi Uta)회장과 핀토 장관, ANZ은행직원과 CEO인 루퍼스(Rufus), 국립 텔레콤직원과 CEO 카멜시(Kamlesh Sharma), 12명의 현지 자전거 종주단이 그를 환영해 주었다.

환영식 이후 친목을 위해 ANZ은행과 CEO들, 국립텔레콤직원의 축구경기가 펼처졌다.

경기 이후 자전거 종주단들은 다시 키리바시 국제공항까지 피스로드기와 티셔츠를 입고 40km를 종주하는 것으로 마무리 되었다.


On August 14, we met Kiribati’s president, Anote Tong, in his office in the Parliament Building and explained the significance of the Peace Road project to him. After the brief explanation, he wrote a message and signed the Peace Road 2015 banner. He also signed 3 different colored T-shirts and a soccer ball. He wished for the peaceful unification of North Korea and South Korea, based on the vision of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Hon. Tinian Reiher, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Development, an Ambassador for Peace and a good friend of UPF, signed the Peace Road banner. Hon. Pinto Katia, Minister for Commerce and Industry and Cooperative, who recently became a friend of UPF, was also present at the meeting to sign the banner and say a few words about peace and love.

On August 15, Mr. Fakaofo K Sione cycled 40 km from the Bonriki International Airport to the national stadium. House Speaker Thomasi Uta, who is also the UPF president of Kiribati and the Minister for Commerce met Mr. Sione as did the staff of ANZ Bank Kiribati, including its CEO, Rufus, the staff of National Telecom Kribati and its CEO, Mr. Kamlesh Sharma and twelve local cyclists.

After a welcome ceremony, we had a friendly soccer match between staff of members of the two businesses and their CEOs. An attraction of the program was Minister Pintos, who played against the ANZ staff. He used to be the CEO of National Telecom. Ms. Grace (her English Name), the only Korean citizen residing in Kiribati was also present during the soccer match and signed the Peace Road banner.

After the Soccer matched finished Mr. Fkaofa, the cyclist, cycled back 40 km to the international airport with the Peace Road Flag and T-shirt.


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