7월 11일 웨일즈의 수도 카디프(Cardiff)에서 피스로드가 진행되었다.

이날 총 16명이 참석자가 카디프의 헨드레 호수공원(Hendre Lake Park)과 가까운 장미 공원을 종주하는 것으로 피스로드를 계획하였다. 나이가 적지 않은 참석자들이지만 세계에서 진행되고 있는 피스로드 행렬에 동참하기 위해 이번 행사를 준비하였다.

호수공원과 장미공원을 포함한 총 8Km(5mile)의 거리를 사고 없이 무사히 종주하였다. 공원에 있는 관광객들과 호수에 나온 사람들에게 피스로드에 대한 문선명 총재의 메시지가 담긴 리플릿을 나눠주기도 하였다.

호수에는 스콧선장(Captain Scott)이 카디프에서 남극까지 항해한 배 테라노바(Terra Nova)의 모형이 있었다. 참석자들은 스콧 선장의 항해는 힘든 운명이었지만, 우리의 피스로드 2015는 성공하기를 기원했다. 이날 행진은 상징적이기는 했지만 피스로드 운동을 통해 지속적인 평화운동을 다짐하고 참석자들이 하나 되는 계기가 되었다.


On July 11 in Cardiff, Wales held the Peace Road event.

Sixteen participants joined the walk. Most of them were in thier 70s or very close to 70.

For the Peace Road section, we planned to walk the entire circuit of Hendre Lake Park in Cardiff, plus some additional distance for those who could manage it around the park’s rose gardens.

Most of the people were elderly members, but to participate in the Peace Road rally, going on all over the world, they prepared to take part in this event. It covered 8 km (5 miles). Most of us did walk the whole perimeter of the park, which included the lake and the rose gardens.

The park is a busy place for visitors so it was a great opportunity to be seen by many people – walkers, joggers and those driving past – and as we gave out leaflets along the way, it was a great opportunity to spread the message about Rev.Moon


The lighthouse on the lake contains a scale model of the Terra Nova, the ship that Captain Scott sailed in on his voyage to the Antarctic. It departed to the Antarctic from Cardiff. That voyage was ill-fated but we hoped that our “World Peace 2015 Tour” would have a more successful, positive and lasting result, albeit a somewhat symbolic one. It certainly brought members together with a feeling of doing something positive and was great for bonding,  especially as we finished up with a picnic in my house.

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