6월 27일 모로코에서 피스로드 행사가 개최되었다.

부족한 인원과 라마단 기간이기 때문에 자전거 종주 및 행진은 개최하기 어려운 상황이었다. 다만 피스로드의 취지를 알리기 위한 행사를 개최하기로 결정하고 움베르토 (Umberto Angelucci)중동 대륙회장이 카사블랑카(Casablanca)에서 라바트(Rabat)까지 기차로86km를 이동하여 행사장에 피스로드 깃발을 전달하였다.

모로코의 평화대사인 변호사 압둘라(Abdellah Benlamhidi)교수와 하지바(Hajiba Benaboud) 공익 건강지도교수, 칼릿(Khalid Benaboud)씨와 그의 남편이자 무술 전문가인 아둘라자크(Aderrazak Elkhaoudi)의 지원으로 다양한 분야의 무술 전문가들과 청소년, 사회 활동분야의 전문가들을 포함한 25명이 참여한 가운데 무술연합 아카데미에서 피스로드 행사를 개최할 수 있었다.

라마단 기간이기때무에 저년 9시 30분에 시작된 행사에서 참석자들은 참부모님의 세계평화고속도로 제안과 평화에 대한 비전에 공감하게 되었다. 옛 모로코 왕이 유럽과 연결하는 다리를 구축하던 역사적 사실을 상기하며 피스로드의 성공을 기원하였다. 행사의 마지막에는 참부모님의 자선전을 한권씩 배부하였다.

데이빗 프레이저(David Fraser Harris) UPF중동 사무총장은 “다이나믹한 피스로드 행사를 개최하며 평화대사들과 다시금 하나가 되어서 참부모님의 비전을 공유할 수 있는 좋은 기회가 되어서 기쁩니다”라고 전했다.


On June 27, the Peace Road was held in Morocco.

Holding the Peace Road in Morocco was a major challenge. There were no full-time members in the country and those who did invest there left many years ago for other missions. The second problem was that schedule was in the middle of Ramadan, the fasting month for the Muslims.

So that representative of Morocco, Umberto Angelucci, regional president of the Middle East region, deliver the Peace Road flag from Casablanca to Rabat 86 kilometers away by train.

We held the Peace Road event inside the Academe of Sports Martial Arts Alliance with 25 participants including four ambassadors of peace; Abdellah Benlamhidi, a lawyer and professor; Hajiba Benaboud, an woman active in WFWP, who is also a public health supervisor; Khalid Benaboud, her husband and a very accomplished Master of Martial Arts; and our main organizer Abderrazak Elkhaoudi, a master and martial arts trainer. Among those in attendance were key martial arts masters from various disciplines, social activists and youth. With their support and a few adjustments, we were able to hold a very successful Peace Road rally.

Out of respect for our Muslim hosts, we chose to host an event after Iftar, the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan, when they break their daily fast. Because of their tradition, the event took place at 9:30 pm

Everyone recognized the special impact of True Father’s visionary proposal of a peace highway. Some recalled the former Moroccan king’s emphasis on building a bridge to Europe (Spain), which of course would be a key part of the peace highway.

At the end of the event, we distributed True Father’s autobiography and each spoke highly of our founders’ vision and work.

David Fraser Harris, the Secretary General UPF Middle East, said, “I was honored and happy to be part of this dynamic event, which provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with peace ambassadors and share True Parents’ vision with them. This was a great renewal of the work done by our former missionaries and we hope we can continue in the future on this foundation.”

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