6월 26일 오전 10시 세네갈의 수도 다카르(Dakar)시의 쿠마살(Keur Massar)구의 중심가부터 시청까지 피스로드 행진이 진행되었다. 피스로드 행진에는 Ecole Yonent Mame Ibrahima 학교 학생, 교사들과 가정연합 회원등 모두 91명이 동참하였다.
쿠마살구의 무스타파 망구(Moustapha Mbengue) 구정창은 직원들과 함께 구청에서 피스로드 팀을 반갑게 맞이하였다. 얼마전 새롭게 선출된 젊은 무스타파 구청장은 피스로드 프로젝트의 취지 및 비전에 감사의 마음을 표하며 평화 없이는 국가의 안정과 지속적인 경제 성장도 없고 가족도 존재하기 어렵다고 말했다.
행사 전날 세네갈 가정연합 엠브로이스 디아네(Ambroise Diagne)회장이 구청장을 방문하여 피스로드의 취지를 설명하였고, 구청장은 피스로드 현수막에 직원들과 함께 사인하며 피스로드 운동에 적극 동참할 것을 밝혔다.



On June 26, at 10:00 in the morning, we started our march for the Peace Road 2015 from the center of Keur Massar in Dakar, Senegal to the mayor’s office. Ninety-one people participated in this march, including members of the FFWPU, WFWP, FPU as well as some teachers and a number of students from Ecole Yonent Mame Ibrahima School. Mayor Moustapha Mbengue of the municipality of Keur Massar, together with his staff, warmly welcomed and accommodated the group of Peace Road marchers at the municipal hall. Keur Massar is one of the most promising, organized municipalities in Dakar region and the mayor is young, hardworking and newly elected.
In his speech during the meeting, he expressed his appreciation for the purpose and initiative of Peace road 2015. He said in his speech that without peace, there could be no lasting economic, familial and national stability. The mayor, councilors and the secretary signed the Peace Road banners to show their support for Peace Road 2015.
On that day, prior to the rally, Mr. Ambroise Diagne, the national president of FFWPU, had a chance to meet the mayor at his office and to introduce the different organizations working for Peace Road 2015. Mr. Diagne also explained to the mayor the purpose behind Peace Road 2015. The Mayor gave his support and expressed his willingness to work with us on our projects for the advancement of peace and stability in the municipality.

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