6월 17일부터 20일까지 남미 수리남의 피스로드 2015 행사가 진행됐다. 피스로드 기간이 수리남의 장마기간이기도 했지만 강한 믿음으로 피스로드 일정을 잘 준비하였다. 17일 첫날 피스로드 행사에서  수리남 이슬람 협회(SIV)의 신자인 Mary Ghafoerkhan – Karamat Ali여사가 마침 라마단의 시작일과 같은날 출발하는 피스로드 행사가 성공리에 치뤄지기를 기원해 주었다. 의회 안의 독립광장에서 오전 10시부터 평화대사들이 모인 가운데 진행된 피스로드 행사에서 수리남의 평화운동에 동참해 오다가 성화한 8명의 평화대사들을 추모하는 의식도 가졌다. Rev.Ooel Rotgans 가정연 합 수리남 회장은 참아버님 자서전을 훈독하였고 평화대사들의 축사 및 축가일정이 이어졌다. 참석자 모두가 피스로드 현수막에 사인하며 기념촬영을 마치고 의회 근처에 있는 한국전쟁 수리남 참전 용사들을 위해 한국정부가 기증한 기념비를 찾았다. 기념비에서 수리남의 국기 색으로 맞춘 풍선 93개를 억만세 삼창과 함께 날리면서 피스로드 첫날 행사를 마쳤다.

둘째날인 6월 18일부터 피스로드의 여정이 시작되었다. 오후4시에 수도인  파라마리보에서 코메베이너 지구인 뉴암스테르담까지 총 7명의 종주자가 GOW2 Energy수리남 본사에서 Van ‘t Hogerhyusstreet까지 달린 후에 Jules Wijdenbosch bridge까지 종주를 진행했다.

마지막 날인 6월 19일에는 파라마리보 구역의 Poelepantje 에서 와니카 구역의 Lelydorp까지 4명의 군인과 오토바이로 시민 한 명이 참여한 가운데 두번째 자전거 여정이 진행되었다.

이번 수리남 피스로드 행사는 3개의 방송사와 1개 신문사에서 보도되었다. 피스로드 출발식이 진행되기 하루 전날인 16일에는 “RBN” 방송사에서 미리 나와 인터뷰를 하였고 “Dagblad Suriname”라는 신문에는 17일에 보도되었다. 또 17일에는 피스로드 진행 내용을 “Apintie Television Station”의 인기코너인 “In de Branding”에서 다루기도 하였다. 6월 18일 진행된 피스바이크 여정은 “Dagblad Suriname”신문 6월 20일자 기사에 보도되었고, 6월 19일 피스 바이크 여정 또한 국영방송인 “STVS”에서 6월 20일과 21일 아침뉴스에 보도되었다.


From June 17 – 20, 2015 the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Suriname held the Peace Road 2015 project. Despite the heavy rainy season, Heaven granted us on our prayer request 4 beautiful sunny days. Ambassador for Peace, Mrs. Mary Ghafoerkhan-Karamat Ali, who is a faithful member of the Surinamese Islamic Association (SIV), and who was one of our main speakers that day, reminded the audience of the fact that the Ramadan fasting period had started.


On Wednesday June 17, we had launch at Congress Hall at the Independence square. We started the program at 10:00 a.m. with several Ambassadors for Peace seated. We had a special item added to our program, a candle-lighting ceremony in remembrance of 8 of our Ambassadors for Peace who are now in the spirit world. Everyone appeared deeply moved and grateful.


Hoon Dok Hae was done by the National Leader of FFWPU Suriname, Rev. Roel Rotgans, who read the first chapter of True Father’s autobiography.

Afterwords there was a special message and Congratulatory song.

Everybody who attended was asked to sign the PEACE ROAD 2015 banner and several group pictures were taken.

After we closed off the program inside the Congress Hall, we all walked outside to the monument close by, which was donated by the South Korean government to Suriname in remembrance of the fallen Surinamese soldiers in the Korean War.

A beautiful wreath was laid at the monument and we released 93 balloons in the colors of the Surinamese flag into the air with three cheers of Og-mansei.

The next day, Thursday June 18, we held our first Peace Bike ride from Paramaribo to New Amsterdam, District Commewijne. The start was at 4:00 pm. at the Head Office of GOW2 Energy Suriname at the Van ‘t Hogerhyusstreet close by the Jules Wijdenbosch bridge.

In total, 7 riders participated–4 from the army, 1 from the Surinamese Cycling Union, 1 youth and 1 motorcyclist. It was a heavy but exciting ride, especially going up the Jules Wijdenbosch bridge.

On Friday June 19, we held our second Peace Bike ride from Poelepantje-William Kraanplein, Paramaribo to Lelydorp, District Wanica. It was an easier easy and more relaxing ride. We had 4 riders from the army, and 1 motorcyclist. On the way a motorcyclist called out to join us on the ride, so we attached a Peace Road flag to his motorcycle, which he gratefully accepted.


Media Coverage

We got good media coverage from 3 television stations and 1 newspaper. On Tuesday June 16, a day before the launch, we were twice on television station “RBN” that evening for an interview and the next day Wednesday June 17, there was an article in the newspaper “Dagblad Suriname.” On the day of the launch June 17 we got media coverage from “Apintie Television Station” and our launch appeared on their most famous and widely watched everyday hot itemed television news program named “In de Branding.”

On Thursday June 18, the first day of our Peace Bike ride, we had media coverage from newspaper “Dagblad Suriname” with an article appearing on Saturday June 20 in their newspaper, and on Friday June 19, the second day of our Peace Bike ride, we had media coverage from our national, government-owned television station “STVS.” They reported on us twice in their news journal, once the next day Saturday June 20, and again the day after that.

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