6 21 엘살바도르 산타테클라(Santa Tecla)시에서 중미대륙 번째 순서로 피스로드가 개최되었다. 피스로드 행사는 오전7시부터 11 30분까지 진행되었다. 산타테클라 시장을 대신해서 리세스(Lisseth Quijano) 사회개발국장과 호르헤(Jorge Quezada) 체육청장이 참석하여 피스로드 출발식을 함께 했다. 120명의 참가자들이 자전거를 타고 58km 산타테클라 시내를 종주하였다. 6대의 경찰 오토바이와 2대의 경찰 픽업이 동행하였으며 다수의 언론사가 출발식과 종주 구간을 취재하였다.

피스로드 행사를 위해 통신회사 (Claro)에서 125벌의 티셔츠를, 음료회사(Industria La Constancia)에서 360 스포츠 음료와 300개의 물을, 제과업체(Bocadeli)에서 홍보차량과 제당회사(Dizucar)에서 홍보물품을 후원 받았다.




On June 21, members launched Peace Road in El Salvador, the fourth Central America nation. The event was held in Plaza de la Cultura, Paseo El Carmen, Santa Tecla, The event went from 7:00 in the morning until 11:30.

Representing Santa Tecla Mayor Lisseth Quijano, the director of Social Development in Santa Tecla Mayor’s office and Jorge Quezada, president of the National Institute of Sports in El Salvador attended and gave the starting signal for the Peace Road bike ride. About 120 people participated, including Milton Magaña, El Salvador, newly appointed ambassador to South Korea. For the bike ride, we rode 58 kilometers around Santa Tecla. Six police motorcycles and two police cars accompanied us.

Supporters made contributions: Claro, a telecommunications company, donated 125 T-shirts, Industria La Constancia, a beverage corporation donated 360 sports drinks (PowerAde) and 300 bottles of water. Bocadeli, a bakery company, donated the use of a car and Dizucar, a sugar-manufacturer, donated additional materials.

Various media outlets covered the event, channel 2, channel 4; Viva la Mañana, Channel 6 Play promoted Peace Bike before it began helping attract people to the event. We advertized on three radio stations. Channels 6, 21, 29 and 33 all covered the actual event.


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