11월 20일, 스페인 피스로드

Nov 20, Peace Road 2016 in Spain

11월 20일, 스페인의 가장 유명한 관광지, 가우디의 ‘사그라다 파밀리아 성당’에서 스페인 피스로드를 개최했습니다.

피스로드에 대해 설명하는 전단지를 준비해 관광객들에게 배포했으며, 55명이 스페인 피스로드에 동참했습니다.

Spain Peace Road went to the famous place of “Sagrada Familia”, the masterpiece of Gaudi´s work, still-incomplete, which is the most visited monument in Spain on November 20th.

We organized a peace demonstration. We had prepared a leaflet explaining about the Peace Road project, so we distributed it among the many people who were there, as well as a Origami bird.

Some people from different religions joined us and we could gather around 55 people.

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