9월 21일, 코소보 피스로드

Sep 21, Peace Road 2016 in Kosovo


9월 21일 UN 세계평화의날에 40여명이 참여한 가운데 “평화의 날의 피스로드”라는 주제로 코소보 피스로드가 개최됐다. 영상을 통해 피스로드를 소개했습니다.

이어서 프리슈티나 국립공원에서 피스로드 종주가 이어졌다. 참석자들은 피스로드의 뜻을 전파하기 위해 30여분간 자전거로 종주했으며 피스로드 배너에 사인을 하고 화동의 시간을 가지며 행사를 마무리했습니다.

21st  of September is declared by UN as the “International Day of Peace”, meanwhile “Peace Road” is a project which connects all the world, starting from an imaginary international high way, until the moment when an international high way network will be established, all of this inspired by our True Parents. In this day FFWPU, UPF and CARP Kosovo, organized an activity with the theme: “Peace Road on International Day of Peace” with the participation of 40 people.

A video presentation about Peace Road was shown.

The main part of the program continued in the National Park of Pristina where the participants rode the bikes for about 30 minutes to spread the message of this day. Then in the end we danced, shared the feelings about this experience, sign the banner and had a nice cocktail.






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