9월 24일, 조지아 피스로드 – Sep 24, Peace Road in Georgia

9월 24일, 조지아 트빌리시에서 피스로드 2016행사가 개최됐습니다. 12명이 참석하였고 그 중 2명은 이라크에서 온 학생들이었습니다.

30km 종주를 계획했으나 강한 바람으로 인해 15km를 종주했습니다. 종주 후 세계 피스로드와 관련된 영상을 시청했습니다.

On September 24th, in Georgia, Tbilisi was organized Peace Road 2016 event.

12 people participated in the event. Two of them were students from Iraq.

We had planned to cover 30 kilometers. Because of strong wind it was impossible, but participants did their best and covered 15 kilometers. After we had a meeting in office with the closest ambassadors of peace where we gave a presentation and showed video about Peace Road worldwide.

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