9월 11일, 도미니카공화국 피스로드 – Sep 11, Peace Road in Dominican Republic

9월 11일, 도미니카 공화국 피스로드가 개최되어 산티아고에서 다자본까지 종주가 이어졌습니다. 이날 행사는 9.11 테러의 15주기를 맞아 ‘도미니카공화국과 이이티와의 화합과 뉴욕 비극의 날 변화’라는 주제로 이루어졌습니다.

참석자들은 산토도밍고에서 산티아고 까지 자전거와 자동차로 종주했습니다. 40개 지역에서 참석한 40명의 자전거 종주자들이 산티아고의 역사적인 장소인 위대한 영웅 모뉴먼트에서 출발했다.

국영방송 CDN, 라디오 방송국 ‘La Informacion Newspaper’, ‘El Hoy Newspaper’, ‘El Caribe Newspaper’ 등 5개 방송국에서 피스로드를 취재했습니다.

Dajabon 시민들은 피스로드 종주에 깊은 인상을 받았습니다. 특히 이 지역은 도미니카 공화국과 아이티 국경지역에 있어 더 의미가 있었습니다.

언론인 Gilberto Reynoso와  Leongino Fernandez 대리의 환영사, Andres Ortiz 시청 경찰협회회장의 축사가 이어졌습니다.

The Peace Road 2016 in the Dominican Republic was hold from Santo Domingo to Dajabon in September 11th with the theme “Changing the tragedy day in NY into a harmonious day between Dominican Republic and Haiti”. We did so because we want to remember the 15th anniversary of breaking down the twin towers in NY.

We departed by vehicles from Santo Domingo to Santiago where we began the peace bike. With the participation of 40 bike riders and 40 more persons from different fields, we began in the great Heroes monument, a historical place in Santiago.

5 medias channels came to make interview and to know what is Peace Road about. Amount them, one national TV channel (CDN), one journalist of group of radio station, “La Informacion Newspaper”, “El Hoy Newspaper” and the “El Caribe Newspaper”; all of them gave good report about the international highway and peace road 2016. We collected the three main written articles and saw the news by CND national TV channel.

The peace bike tour left from Santiago at 10:00am, ridding 12 kms and then ride in vehicles for two hours and 10 kms before the destination town, again we ride bike and turning around the Dajabon town. People from the town were very impressed to see the bikers coming from far ridding for peace, specially to Dajabon, a border line, because this is a town where Dominican Republic and Haiti have been in conflicts.

Mr. Leongino Fernandez, the Major’s representative, gave the welcoming greetings, follow the journalist Mr. Gilberto Reynoso. General Andres Ortiz, who is the chief of the “National City Hal police association” gave a congratulatory words to all of participants and admired the organizers.

 크기변환_5 everybody togehter taking photo 크기변환_6  okmansei done by mr Salvador in front of media 크기변환_9 bikers always happy riding for peace 크기변환_10 bikers determinted to reach the goal

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