7월 30일 뉴질랜드 피스로드 – Jul 30, Peace Road in New Zealand



7월 30일 오클랜드에서 뉴질랜드 피스로드가 개최돼 50명이 참여했습니다. 피스로드를 소개하는 기념식을 마친 후 자전거로 27km를 종주하였으며, 피스로드로 만들어지는 세계의 평화를 기원하며 모든 참가자들이 피스로드 배너에 사인을 하며 행사를 마무리했다.


Peace Road 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand took place on the 30th of July 2016. This year’s event was attended by about 50 participants covering a modest total of 27 km.
The program started general orientation of both cycling and walking routes and was followed with an introduction to the Peace Road.
It was then succeeded by the signing of the Peace Road Map by all participants, as a mark of contribution from New Zealand to the global community.



Peace Road 16-8970ednik


Peace Road 16-9042ednik


Peace Road 16-9022ednik


Peace Road 16-9036ednik


Peace Road 16-8985ednik





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