7월 23일, 중앙아프리카공화국

July 23, Peace Road in Central African Republic


중앙아프리카공화국에서 7월 23일 피스로드 행사가 열렸습니다. 수도 방기(Bangui) 시내 약 2만 명을 수용하는 스타디움에서 피스로드를 출발했습니다.

스타디움을 시작으로 도보와 자전거로 UN까지 종주하며 프랑스 순교자의 길을 순례했습니다.

70여명이 이날 피스로드 행사에 참여했으며 참석자 정부기관의 청년부 대표 등 정부인사들도 참석해 피스로드를 환영했습니다.

행사는 국영방송, 라디오, 지역방송국 및 지역신문사에 보도되었습니다.

On July 23rd, Peace Road 2016 was held in Central African Republic. About 70 people participated in the event.

Two VIPs were present, Mr Diego SINGA, Special Project Manager, representing the Minister of Youth Promotion, andMr Maxime Bondjo, Deputy of the Nation, Peace Ambassador.

After the signature of the Banner of PeaceRoad by these VIPs, the Peace Road 2016, second edition, was launched at the stadium of 20,000 places in Bangui by the Representative of the Minister for Youth Promotion.

The  peace road departure started from the stadium to the  United Nations crossroad for a distance of 3 km through the round about of Martyrs and the avenue of France.

Cyclists were not satisfied because of the distance (3 km), they then did some miles in the city themselves to highlight the value and the importance of the event .

This march was covered by the national radio, TV center, a local private Radio and a group of Newspapers.









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