배링해협 프로젝트

Link to The Bering Strait Project

The Bering Strait Project promotes communication and harmony by linking the continents which are otherwise not connected. At the same time the Project organizers sincerely desire to realize world peace by enabling the participant countries to have access to the huge (rich) underground resources in Siberia and in Alaska.
「Offered by the World Peace Tunnel Foundation.」

Bering tunnel

Bering Strait

Undersea tunnel line

Cross-section of Undersea tunnel

한일해저터널 프로젝트

Undersea tunnel between Korea and Japan

The Korea-Japan undersea tunnel will create a huge substantial economic bloc in Northeast Asia, which includes China and Russia by relating with both the Trans-Korean Railway and Trans-Siberian Railway. Also these tunnels will contribute to realizing common prosperity and the permanent peace in Northeast Asia.
「Offered by the World Peace Tunnel Foundation.」