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20190721 PARAGUAY    
date    2019-10-17 writer    PEACE ROAD   
On July 21, 2019, the 2019 Peace Road was held in the city of San Francisco, Paraguay, with 150 people attending.

San Francisco was the first Peace Road.

The Pilate couple, two-term lawmaker from the San Francisco district, attended the ceremony to prove the peace movement centered on their parents.

Lawmakers, key local leaders and participants in the Fisro Road campaign rode bicycles around the central streets of San Francisco under police protection.

The main programs included introducing ''Path Road'' and participating campaigns, Korean Peace Road participants'' epilepsy, a congratulatory speech for the Pilgrims Assembly, and a gift ceremony for key leaders.

Next year, major cities across the country are planning to launch Fisro Road and join a coalition of lawmakers in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion.

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