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20190815 Goseong Unification Observatory in Gangwon Province    
date    2020-02-20 writer    PEACE ROAD   



From Jeju to the Peace Road event held at Seoul Station Plaza, it suffered the best heat wave, but on the contrary, the Goseong event in Gangwon Province on August 15 was held amid heavy rain due to the typhoon. The World Order Group arrived at the Unification Observatory''s inter-Korean exit and exit facilities from 9 a.m. and began its run to the Goseong Unification Observatory and arrived at the Mintong Line Unification Observatory. This section is an area where vehicles are strictly controlled because the private sector is in the Demilitarized Zone, but with the cooperation of a special military, the Pisrod bike riders could run. Although it was hard because of the heavy rain, all the Jongju crew members were able to climb a steep hillside and reach the top of the Unification Observatory.

At the observatory, Hwang Bo-gun, chairman of the Joint Preparatory Committee, welcomed the Jongju Order with a big round of applause from many participants, including Cho Nam-pung, the 4th-Gangjin Reserve.

The ceremony was supposed to be held at the outdoor plaza of the Unification Observatory, but it was impossible to hold the event due to heavy rain caused by the typhoon. However, thanks to the cooperation of General Jo Nam Poong, who formerly served as the commander of the 1st Army in the region, the military has been able to use the Unification Security Hall, which can accommodate about 500 people in the middle of the night, and the closing ceremony of the Peace Road in Goseong, Gangwon Province, went smoothly. In his congratulatory speech, Gen. Cho Nam-pung, a former Army general, said the recent inter-Korean summit is creating a peaceful atmosphere, but the security of the Republic of Korea has been threatened by North Korea''s missile provocations. "In times like this, the people should strive for peaceful reunification based on the support of the international community," he said. "Let''s create an era of reunification in which the South and the North live together through Fisrod."

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