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20190814 Imjingak , Seoul    
date    2020-02-20 writer    PEACE ROAD   


The Pisrod World Racing Team, which started simultaneously in Busan and Mokpo, held a grand event at Seoul Station Plaza. With 700 university students and foreign participants attending the event as the final destination, the festival was held at a global level, meaning the event. Lawmakers Shim Jae-kwon and Im Jong-sung attended the ceremony as a congratulatory message, and many other participants, including Chung Tae-ik, honorary chairman of the Korea National Diplomatic Association, Moon Yeon-ah, chairman of the UPF, and Joo Jin-tae, chairman of the Joint Preparatory Committee, also joined the Seoul Station Plaza.

The event was followed by a congratulatory song by Taizan, a singer who composed a piece of music from Japan as a cultural performance before the ceremony, the Taegeukgihanbok Performance, which wished to host the 5th U.N. Secretariat to Korea, and the Hyojung Peace and Unification Singing Team, which consists of wives from Korean and Japanese families. Hundreds of foreign students also performed a great dance performance to the Korean song ''Push Up''.

The festival was followed by a welcoming speech by President Kim Joo-seop, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon''s video congratulatory speech and Unification Minister Kim Yeon-chul''s written congratulatory speech, Shim Jae-kwon, lawmaker Im Jong-sung''s congratulatory speech, Moon Yeon-ah, chairman of the organizing committee, and Chung Tae-ik, honorary chairman of the Korea Council on Foreign Relations, which all participated in the opening ceremony.

In a pep talk, Moon Yeon-ah, chairman of the Fisrod organizing committee, said, "The Pisrod project will start with the International Peace Highway project officially proposed by Moon Sun-myung, president of the Korean Academy of Sciences and Sciences, at the 10th International Conference on Science and Unification in Seoul in 1981. "The North and South Korean unification are a way to realize world peace," he said, adding that the two Koreas have a grand vision for the realization of "a single human family society under God" by connecting every path of the global community." I am sure that the Pysrod movement will play its role in the centripetal. I wish the Peace Road Unification Daejang will continue beyond Imjingak to Pyongyang."

Shim Jae-kwon, a lawmaker of the National Assembly, said in a congratulatory speech, "You have been running vigorously from the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula to Seoul, the path of peace and unification amid difficult conditions. You are opening the path to reunification and world peace on the Korean Peninsula. The two Koreas have lived together for thousands of years, so language, life and customs are the same. The two Koreas are now at odds due to temporary division of political ideologies, but if history develops, it will naturally melt down. With your passion, I hope the road to reunification and peace will be opened wide. "I''ve done.

In his congratulatory speech, National Assemblyman Im Jong-sung said, "Our passion for participating in the Peace Road 2019 with people from 130 countries could win this heat wave, and we won the typhoon and came all the way here. The relationship between Korea and Japan is bad now, but the Japanese people are not bad. Peace can come to the world and the world can become one if you convey your will to Japan and North Korea. Please step on the bicycle pedal hard until the two Koreas, as well as the world community, become one."

Participants from 130 countries around the world sang "Song of Unification" together, and the Jongju troupe rode a cycle to the City Hall Plaza, cheered by participants. Afterwards, the Jongju troupe paid tribute and paid tribute to the Mangbaedan traveling to Imjingak, and completed the journey to Jungjeongjin, Gapsumun Gate, the westernmost tip of Korea.

If last year''s Fisrod suffered in the rain and wind due to the typhoon coming up, this year, it ran all the way to Seoul amid a huge heat wave since Typhoon Francis disappeared after landing in Busan. The Seoul Station Plaza, which began at 10 p.m., was not easy to sit on the ground, but for an hour and a half, the participants successfully held the Peace Road event.

In particular, cameras from many broadcasting stations, including KBS, MBC, MBN, and TV Chosun, were enthusiastic. It was also the first time for me to do an interview with three broadcasters. After the opening ceremony, the Pisrod Jongjongdan ran to Seoul City Hall Plaza, where a flash mob performance was performed by pushing for reunification of the two Koreas and world peace.

The World Racing Authority immediately dedicated its flowers to the Mangbapdan for Imjingak, followed by a final finish, the western gate of Incheon, where it finished at around 6 p.m.

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