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The Incheon Metropolitan City Peace Road was held at 2 p.m. in Incheon City Hall''s conference room, with 300 people attending, including Incheon City Council Vice President Ahn Byung-bae, Incheon Metropolitan City Vice Mayor Huh Jong-sik, Incheon City Council President Bae Sang-rok, Incheon City Council President Kang Bu-il, and former Kyeyang District Commissioner Lee Ik-chul.

Today''s event was held in the order of Kang Bu-il, former chairman of the Incheon City Council; Ahn Byung-bae, vice president of Incheon City Council; Hur Jong-sik, a congratulatory speech by Incheon Metropolitan City Vice President; Jin In-seong, Incheon Executive Committee Chairman Moon Hoon-sook''s pep speech; Jong Ki-gi transfer; a reading of peace messages; and a foot-rod bike.

Kang Bu-il, former mayor of Incheon, said in a big speech, "Pyrosrod''s unification grandmaster has become a national movement as he reminded our people of the importance of unification on the Korean Peninsula. In particular, the second generation of North Korean defectors are also participating in the race, so let''s all support and work together to advance the era of reunification and global peace on the Korean Peninsula."

Ahn Byung-bae, vice president of the Incheon Metropolitan Council, said, "We congratulate 3 million Incheon citizens on the fact that the Peace City Hall was held in the city of The Korean Peninsula is taking a step closer to peace through a summit between the two Koreas and an inter-Korean U.S. summit in Panmunjom. It will be a catalyst for reunification of the Korean Peninsula and an opportunity for the global community to know that unification of the Korean Peninsula is a world peace. We will also actively cooperate at the Incheon City Council level," he said.

Huh Jong-sik, deputy mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City, said, "Incheon is also the land of hardship and conflict where wars have occurred most frequently on the Korean Peninsula, including the Pungdo Battle, the Jemulpo Sea Battle, the Sinmi Yangyo, Byeongin Yangyo and the Incheon Landing Operation before the Peace City. When Incheon overcame the pain and transformed itself into a city of peace, I expect it to open the way for peace in Incheon as well."

Jin In-sung, chairman of the Incheon Executive Committee, said, "Incheon is an international gateway city, with all roads open, including land, sea and sky roads. It is also facing North Korea. We saw hope in the sight of the Pisrod Land Riders sprinting on bicycles. The Korean Peninsula is a place where continental and marine civilizations should meet and blossom new civilizations. We expect your push to play a big role."

Moon Hoon-sook, chairman of the Korea Joint Implementation Committee, said, "Thank you for your hard work in continuing to travel across the country in hot and uneven weather. Incheon is a historic place where General MacArthur''s successful landing operation protected South Korea. My father-in-law is also a Korean War veteran, so I am deeply moved. With 130 and 500,000 people from around the world joining us, the Peace Road has made a breakthrough as a global project to pray for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and world peace. Unification of the Korean Peninsula is not a task to avoid, but a task that must be achieved for world peace as well as the Korean Peninsula. You are gathering the hearts of the world. Your sweat and sincerity will be a mark of peace that will be remembered until the future. Let''s turn Incheon into a city of peace with all our strength, and the entire Korean Peninsula into a land of peace."

After delivering the Jongju cycle and reading the peace message from the representative of the Jongju delegation, a 100-member team of Seonghwa students and alumni ran 6.5 kilometers on bicycles from Incheon City Hall to Michuhol District Hall. Prior to the event, the Jongju troupe visited the Freedom Park in Incheon to offer flowers in front of General MacArthur''s statue and pay tribute to him. Incheon Deputy Mayor Huh Jong-sik and Incheon Vice Minister Ahn Byung-bae were leaders who had deep respect for their true parents as peace ambassadors for the Incheon Peace Road event today, helping them with the event held in Incheon City Hall.

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