6월 19일, 체코 피스로드

June 19, Peace Road in Czech Republic

6월 19일, 체코에서 50여명이 참여한 가운데 피스로드2016 행사가 열렸습니다.
참석자들은 Čelákovice 시부터 Brandýs 까지 약 24km를 자전거와 도보로 행진했습니다.

행진의 종착점인 Brandýs의 왕궁정원에서는 비둘기 퍼포먼스와 통일의 노래로 한반도 통일과 세계 평화를 기원하며 행사를 마무리 했습니다.

Peace Road in Czech Republic was held on June 19th.

The tour was leading from a small city of Čelákovice near Prague to theroyal garden near a historicalcastle in the city of Brandýs.

Over 50 people paricpated this year in the Peace Road. The road was 24 kilometers long and 7 kilometers long for the walking participants.

After the tour, doves were sent off to the blue sky as a symbol of peace, freedom and wishing for the peaceful reunification on the Korean peninsula.

The official programme was concluded by singing two Korean songs.


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