세계평화터널재단이 주최하는 ‘한·일 대학생 피스로드(Peace Road) 탐방단’이 분단 70년, 한·일 수교 50주년을 맞아 지난 7∼11일 북한과 중국의 국경지대를 답사했다. 중국 다롄에서 시작해 단둥을 거쳐 한반도 북동단 투먼에 이르는 1460㎞의 긴 여정이었다.


The Peace Road for Unification

The “Korean and Japanese University Students Peace Road Visit Team,” organized by the World Peace Tunnel Foundation, visited the border between China and North Korea from 7th to 11th of July. At the same time, it was the 70th anniversary of North South Division and the 50th anniversary of Korea Japan treaty.

This journey of 1460km began in Daren, China, through Dandong and ended in the city of Tumen, located in the northeast of the Korean Peninsula.

Students carried a banner which says: The Peace Road for Unification, from Halla Mountain (in South) to Baekdu Mountain (in North) is in our Hands


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