6월 3일 남미, 페루

6월 3일 볼리비아에서 종주기를 전달받은 남미대륙 세번째 피스로드 종주국가인 페루는 국경지역 Desaquadero에서 Juli시와 Acora시를 거쳐 Puno시까지 155km 거리를 차량으로 이동하여 피스로드 종주식을 가졌다. Acora시에서는  시장, 주지사 등 지역 지도자들과 지역의 교사, 학생들이 피스로드 행렬에 동참했고 음악밴드도 참여했다. 페루 경찰도 차에 피스로드 종주기를 꽂고 함께 참여하는등 다양한 시민 계층들의 참여를 이뤄냈다.

Puno시에서도 경찰의 협조를 얻어 피스로드 행진을 진행했으며 평화를 위한 구호를 외치고 흰색 풍선을 다함께 들고 피스로드 종주를 축하했다.

이번 피스로드 페루 종주는 페루 언론에서 많은 관심을 갖고 취재했으며 라디오 방송에서 인터뷰를 진행하기도 했다.




The first event was held at the border with Bolivia where representatives of both countries met together and Peru received the flag from Bolivia.

They marched with the Peace Road flags from Desaguadero to Juli, through Lave to Acora and to Puno.

 Especially in Acora, the city mayor, governor, lieutenant governors, directors of two schools, teachers, students and musicians joined the march. At the Puno, with the cooperation of the police, the participants could continue their march. The marchers chanted the slogan loudly as they walked, and they were holding white balloons.  

The members parade through other towns and they met the local dignitaries on their way to the regional capital of Puno.

In Puno they march and held the closing ceremony in the main square, where the key people signed the Peace Road banner.

Later the same day, in the Congress of Peru,  the capital city of Lima, an official opening ceremony was conducted in the presence of Congressman Yonhy Lescano Ancieta and other VIPs.

The 200 audience watched the congressman and his wife, and representatives of various institutions churches signing the banner.

Few days later, on June 6th, Marching for the Peace Road was held in the district of Miraflores, Lima. More than 150 people gathered and parade 2Km.

 The press of Peru reported Peace Road and also different radio stations interviewed the participants.


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