12월 4일, 불가리아 피스로드

Dec 4, Peace Road 2016 in Bulgaria


12월 4일, 불가리아에서 피스로드 2016이 개최되었습니다.

불가리아 피스로드는 불가리아의 역사적 장소들을 따라 진행되었습니다. 참석자들은 불가리아의 자유를 위해 희생된 군인을 기리는 성 소피아 성당과 알렉산더 네브스키 성당 등을 방문했습니다.

Peace Road 2016 was held in Bulgaria on December 4th.

The route of the walk went along places very important in Bulgarian history and present: the main Orthodox cathedral “St. Alexander Nevski”, the oldest active Christian church “St. Sophia”, the memorial of the Unknown soldier, in tribute to the ones died for the freedom of Bulgaria, the square with the main state buildings – the Presidency, the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly and the recently exposed remains of the ancient city, from the first centuries A.D.




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