10월 23일, 온두라스 피스로드

Oct 23, Peace Road 2016 in Honduras

10월 23일 온두라스에서 피스로드 2016이 개최돼 250명이 참석했습니다.

자전거와 오토바이를 이용한 13km 종주와, 3km의 행진으로 피스로드가 진행되었습니다.

도착지점에서 오토바이 퍼포먼스 등 폐막공연과 오토바이와 자전거 클럽 리더의 연설이 이어졌습니다.

경찰이 행사를 지원했으며 HCH TV 채널에서 행사를 보도했습니다.

Peace Road 2016 was held in Honduras on October 23rd. 250 people participated in.

The tour covered 13km up to the hill of Santa Lucia. Also there was a portion for walking march that was 3 kilometers from the entrance of the town to its central park.

At the arriving point, PEACE ROAD held closing events like motorcycle performances for the public and the community.

At the closing, there were words from the leaders of the motor and bicycle’s clubs too.

The police offered their support, and the HCH TV channel covered the event.






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