9월 25일, 슬로베니아 피스로드

Sep 25, Peace Road in Slovenia


슬로베니아 피스로드가 9월 25일 류블라나에서 개최됐습니다. 18명의 참석자들은 세 팀을 나누어 걷기, 자전거, 수영을 통해 피스로드를 진행했습니다.

류블라나 시청을 지나 국회에서 피스로드를 마무리했습니다.


Peace Road 2016 was held in Ljubljana Slovenia on September 25th. Peace Road was started from the Peace Embassy and after participants devided in the Walking Team (7 km), Biking Team (21 km) and  Swimming Condition (12 km).  The walkers and the bikers  passed the City Hall of Ljubljana and both teams meet in the City Park. There we made one hour witnessing and after we finished the tour front of the Parlament.


크기변환_1.Start from Peace Embassy Slovenia



크기변환_10.The Swimming Team in the Adriatic Sea

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