10월 1일, 이탈리아 피스로드

Oct 1, Peace Road 2016 in Italy


10월 1일 로마에서 이탈리아 피스로드가 개최됐습니다. 세계적인 평화 프로젝트인 ‘피스로드’와 제5 UN 한국사무국 유치 취지를 설명하고 세계평화와 한반도 통일을 염원했습니다.

이날 행사에는 Eleonora Bechis 국회의원 등 65명이 참석했습니다.

Peace Road 2016 Italy was held in Rome on October 1st.
We explained the “Peace Road” worldwide project and especially the need of a 5th UN office in Korea. The explanation was very well received and everybody expressed the desire to support this initiative. We took a picture with the “peace Road” banner, to participate in this important effort for peace in Korea and in the world. Around 65 participants attended the program.


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