헝가리 피스로드 2016

Peace Road 2016 in Hungary


헝가리 제르(7.26), 커포슈바르(8.13), 부다페스트(8.14) 3개 지역에서 헝가리 피스로드 2016이 개최됐습니다.

제르 피스로드 참가자들은 Bakony 산지 30km를 도보로 행진했으며 커포슈바르에서는 10km 달리기와 걷기가 진행됐습니다. 또한 헝가리의 수도인 부다페스트에서는 한반도 통일과 제5UN사무국 한국 유치를 지지하며 평화의 행진이 이어졌습니다.


The Hungary Peace Road 2016 was organized at three different locations, Gyor(July 26th), Kaposvar(Aug 13th), Budapest(Aug 14th).

In the mountain area of Bakony Gyor, 30 km walking to express their support of the purpose of Peace Road 2016 was held in. In Kaposvar, participants were running 10 km while others were walking the distance. In Budapest City many participants joined to our peace marching to bring the public attention to the reunification of Korean peninsula and the establishment of UN Office in Korea.

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