8월 7일, 필리핀 피스로드

Aug 7, Peace Road in Philippines


8월 7일 필리핀 퀘존시티에서 피스로드 행사가 열려 자전거 종주자 1,600명과 행진자 3,000여명을 포함해 4,000명 이상이 퀘존시티 기념광장에서 행사에 참여했습니다.

필리핀 군대와 경찰이 피스로드 행사를 홍보하고 적극 협조. 필리핀 군대에서 육·해 ·공군을 대표해 150명 가량의 종주자 참여했습니다.

또한 작년과 마찬가지로 필리핀 경찰과 Metro Manila Development Authority, 국립 자전거 협회가 다양한 지역에서 수백 명을 동원해 행사에 동참했습니다.

필리핀 경찰과 필리핀 적십자, Metro Manila Development에서 적극적으로 지원했습니다.

행사 4일 전, PTV 채널의 “Good Morning Pilipinas!’ 프로그램 생방송 인터뷰에서 피스로드를 홍보했습니다.

필리핀 대통령 산하 평화자문사무실 Pamela Ann Padilla 대표, 퀘존 시티의 3 명의 의장, Dante Liban이 축사를 전했습니다.


On August 7th, Peace Road Philippines was held in Quezon city.

More than 4,000 people including around 1,600 bikers and around 3,000 peace marchers and spectators converged at the historic Quezon City Memorial Circle.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police have fully endorsed and promoted our Peace Road event wherein around 150 bikers came from the Armed Forces of the Philippines representing the three major services, Army, Navy, Air Force and including the General Headquarters. Also, like last year, the Philippine National Police and Metro Manila Development Authority and the National Bicycle Organization were also in full force with hundreds coming from their groups from various places around Metro Manila and neighbouring provinces.

There were great support from the Philippine National Police, Philippine National Red Cross and Metro Manila Development Authority.

A live interview was held 4 days before the event in a national government television, in PTV Channel 4 in the program, “Good Morning Pilipinas!” where we had the chance to promote about Peace Road.

Congratulatory Remarks was given by Director Pamela Ann Padilla from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process under the Office of the Philippine President. A 3-term Congressman from Quezon City, Honorable Dante Liban also gave Congratulatory Remarks.





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